Friday, June 15, 2012

My own comic book

Hey! I've just finished pencilling my own comic book named "Orange Life". The full volume will consist of about 270 comic pages (it's 11 chapters). So now I have to ink all pages. Oh, a lot of work ahead. But it's ok, I like to draw comic, hah.
And I attached the photo with my comic pages.

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Tom Dell'Aringa said...

Nice! Looking forward to seeing what this project is all about. Now I know why you never did a guest comic for me ;)

How about posting a page to dA so we can see?

Lemon5ky said...

Hey Tom!
Oh, sorry. I thought you don't need my images any more =) But if it still actually i can do it for you.

>>How about posting a page to dA so we can see?
I posted Prologue of Orange Life to DA. But i can't post other chapters because i plan to publish this book. It's not a webcomic.
Maybe i'll post any new comic projects soon.